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: Fall Close up
: woodchopper October 26, 2014, 05:12:08 PM
Hey Guys

Just an update on things ERCHA.  as of Oct 26

Ken and I spent a few hrs yesterday getting things winter ready at the field. The flags came down, freezables removed , water tanks drained ect. The battery in the generator was stone dead so it has been removed to be charged and tested. Maybe the main switch had been left on or maybe the battery is toast, we will let you know.  It is our plan to leave the generator off line for the winter so if you need power you will have to take it with you.

On Tuesday Oct 28 the biffy will be cleaned out and also closed for the winter.

Other than a dead battery the place looks great and is turning into a great flying site, thanks to lots of effort from our members!

The field is still open for use year round albeit with reduced facilities.  We have no plan to plow the road so  access is at your discretion. Take a shovel !

We have not yet had the dates for the indoor confirmed by the Hanger though the first tentative date is November 9. We will post when we know for sure and send out e-mails.

That's all for now


: Re: Fall Close up
: Freeskiken October 26, 2014, 11:43:35 PM
Snowing today (Sunday) so I guess we shut it down at the right time.  ;D

: Re: Fall Close up
: maintenanceman October 28, 2014, 06:23:41 AM
Well it was too crappy for flying, but you guys should have publicized the pack up, I definitely would have popped over to help out and hopefully that date in November works out, it would be perfect for my schedule

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